Current Research Programme: Discriminating Love

For 2018-2023, our research is focused on the discriminating nature of God’s Love. The Bible portrays God’s love as both universal and making distinctions between particular nations and individuals. Reflecting on this, the Christian tradition has articulated the nature of God’s love in various ways. The BEST group addresses the question how to interpret and evaluate the apparently discriminating nature of the love of God in the 21st century. 

This is an urgent question: in Western societies today, discrimination is among the most abhorrent vices. At the same time, people construct their identities by using real or imagined distinctions, that may or may not be harmful and/or violent. How do legitimate distinctions differ from discrimination? Much current debate is preoccupied with the balance between the need for cultural identities and the dangers of discrimination.

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Conferences about Discriminating Love

Central part of the Research Programme are four international Conferences focused on the following themes:

2017: The Covenant, as Articulation of God’s Love

2018: Israel as Hermeneutical Challenge

2021: The Nature and Logic of God’s Love

2022: Discriminations in the Bible

More information about the conferences can be found under Upcoming Conferences and Past Conferences.